All around the world there are products and companies trying to find their way in this global market, and each one is competing with another for a seat at the table. This means that companies will do whatever it takes to win and their success is based on how many units they can move. This means that they will lie about how their products perform and may even overcharge for what their portable product does.

It is not entirely their fault, there are not enough regulations to monitor quality control on a global scale, it is a bit behind, so it is up to the people to tell one another about which products live up to their name and which ones do not. The Internet is a great place for information, but the hard part is knowing which information is true and which information is false.

This is what we have built our company upon

Being the source of information for the people, the place where you can go to make sure that what you are thinking about buying is worth buying in the first place. You cannot always go to a site and expect a review that is not paid for by someone, perhaps even the people trying to sell the product, that is, of course, unless you come to our site. We do not white wash anything, what we say is the truth and we are here to serve our readers.

Don’t get caught up in the landscape that just chews people up and spits them out. Be part of the change you want to see. If we stop buying these products, companies will stop selling them, it is that simple. Start the new world by doing your research before buying and letting us help you do so.